Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The K&F Black Mist Filter

 I bought the K&F Black Mist filter a bit ago and rarely used them since I was primarily shooting on a vintage Nikon lens set that I loved. While traveling, I'm running around with an BMPCC6K OG and a Canon L series zoom set. I enjoy the mark one versions because I think the mark II versions are just a bit too sharp. By a bit, I mean WAY too sharp. 

I'll post the results of the video tests here:

All images were captured with the Canon L 17-40 F/4 and the BMPCC6K.

The images were a bit "dreamy" for my taste, but overall I was pleased with the results. such an . Great results for such an inexpensive filter. I could definitely see where I would use this filter for certain applications; especially, for beauty work. 

The strength of the filter is only 1/8, so I think anything above that would be a bit to strong for my liking. I tend to lean a bit on the conservative side with filtration unless I'm going for a very stylized look. 

When trying to soften a more modern lens, I usually use a low strength glimmer glass or satin filter, and seeing some of the test footage for the K&F Shimmer filter makes me think that this filter might be right up my alley. I'll pick one up and post the results in the near future. 

Here is a link to the filter used for all whom might be interested:

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